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Santorini Geocoin

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Name: Santorini Geocoin


Price: 6 euros

Size: 1,45" (38 x 3,5 mm)

Weight: 26 gr

Plating: Nickel, recessed at various areas.

Pieces produced: 200 pcs


Description:At the front side there is a representation of a scenery met in the Greek island of Santorini. A wind mill and a typical stone house with the sea in the background during sunset, in 3D. At the back side there is a rough map of Santorini, including the volcanic islands Nea Kameni and Palaia Kameni and the nearby island of Thyrasia at the north-west of Santorini. All this is surrounded by the words Greece and Thyra (the ancient name of the island Santorini) written in ancient Greek.




Santorini Geocoin link

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:surprise: The pretty and so some time mysterious geocoin photo is in the forums!!! :o


amazing coin!!! I like the windmill on it! Great theme for the beautiful Cyclades islands and Santorini.. whose real name id Thera! ;)

Santorini was named in the medieval times by the francs I thing, and it came from Santa Irene! :P


See the shape of the island? Thousands of years ago, the island was bigger and probably round! The inside empty area was (and still is!!!!) the volcano!!! So what is left is actually the edge of the volcano!


when it was exploded it the ancient times, the Minoan civilization in crete was destroyed!!! It was a huge explosion! Scientists and archeologists find ashes that were droped at that time and actually became part of the earth stromatography, in many places in Greece, Egypt, Cyprus... Far far away!

There was a huge tsunami too, and that destroyed what was left in Crete... Great cities like Knossos were destroyed!!!

Some scientists even believe that this explosion was the reason the sea left... when Moses with the jewes left Egypt that the egyptian army were hunting them.... remember?? :laughing: I do not know if that is correct of course!


It is surelly a pretty full metal coin my friend!


In case you are wondering if this windmill exist.....




Oh yes!!!! :D It exists in one of the most beautiful places!


Hey... it is said that the sunset in santorini is the most beautiful in the world... the black rockes andthe sun light that is leaving are playing with the blue of the sea and the white of the houses.... :o

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Is this a way to get your topic back on the top without having to say something useful? I personally feel strongly against this kind of posting, as if everyone would start doing it, the forum would become a mess...





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I would like to thank all the people who have purchased this geocoin from me so far.

Because of the bad economic crisis I would like to "get rid" the remaining coins of this series.

The new price for each coin of this series is 5 euros.


If any of the e-shops is interested on buying once all the remaining coins, please contact me so that we can negotiate the price.

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