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Magellan explorist


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There are many models of Explorist and etrex, so it depends on which models you are comparing. But if you were comparing similar featured Etrex and Explorist ( Color screen, compass, ect..) Then I would say the Explorists are a little better for geocaching than the etrex line. This does not extend to the Etrex with H in their title. These GPS's have High sensetivity receivers and will acquire and hold signals better. Technical support for the Etrex will be better than the Explorist.

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Thanks for your help. I kind like the way the explorist line looks like...

Etrex are good too but for now I can't buy anything $$$$$

so I was thinking about a used explorist like the 200's series...

My etrex vista ( the old one ) has that problem with cable and the

signal isn't that good...BUT for first GPS I think is a good way to start.

just because is simple.

I didn't know about the H letter... Now I know . Thanks

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Ditto on what sanramonhunter said if you do decide on an explorist. The two best low-end units are the 400 and 210 (not memory expandable). Of those I'd go with the 400. I've had one for almost two years and it has proven to be a very reliable unit. Make sure to go to Magellan's website and load the latest firmware for it. This will enable the WAAS function. Also, topo software for these can be had cheap on Ebay.

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