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Blank Found It Logs...


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I've noticed a couple of times lately, some logs are coming through completely blank. Not just whitespace or something like that, they're of zero length. Most have subsequently been edited by their owners to put text in but at least three remain.


I don't think the logger intentionally made them blank and I thought the system was supposed to force you to say at least something so is this some kind of glitch in the Matrix?


I'm talking about these three logs:




All written by the same person on the same day


Also, many of the 'Oldham Way' finds by tagandy on October 12th were blank initially (although they went either back and edited their logs or posted new logs, I'm not certain which).

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I suspect that they logged via their IPhone. This has happened before.


This is the most likely cause considering the "last visit" date. We'll look into it.

Yeah, the iPhone lets you log blank logs with nothing in them. By default it's set to post logs immediately, even if blank. Since they edited the logs, they probably realized the error after submitting them.


There is an option to have the notes get logged as field notes when submitting them, which is what I do. When I install a new version of the app, I uninstall the old app first and sometimes forget to turn the field note option on, so my first few logs of the day end up being blank. I'll delete them when I get home and post a new log, saying sorry for the blank log earlier...had my phone in the wrong mode or something like that.

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If they are fake they aren't padding but making them look like a live cacher to use once in awhile. Sock Puppets they call them so they can hide behind them. Something is in the text it looks like but invisible.

iphones do, do strange things. Like also in events instead of ATTENDED it comes up as FOUND.

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