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saving trak to garmin colorado

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Yes, you can put a saved track back on your GPS; however, by having it as a track you can only have one track active at a time. Since I often map trails in multiple segments, I use a different (slightly more complicated) method.


I create a custom map file (IMG) containing all the trails I have mapped. There are on-line tutorials that will show you how to do that. I use MapEdit and cGPSmapper to create a Garmin IMG file.


By saving them as a Garmin map (which has a transparent background, so other maps like TOPO or City Navigator can be seen under your trail map) I can see ALL of the trails in a given area.


The gray segmented lines in this screen shot from my Colorado are part of my custom trail map.


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I'll have to try that method. Right now I am exporting gpsx files either through easy gps or mapsource, then using gpsvisualiser to make my map. I get stuff like this:





here is a link to gpsvisualizer.


I got my vista hcx for the main reason that it will save more tracks. My new method is to clear the track log and to start saving a track when I go into uncharted territory. Then I save it, give it a name, and clear the log for the next one. That way I might someday have a nice clean map. As it is now some of my maps have straight lines where I either turned the gps off or that tracklog off and it linked with a straight line. I did not know it would do that.


Forgot to mention, if you go to your tracks page, you can access all of your saved tracks. You can select weather they show on the map or not and what color they are. I have so much overlap now mine are kind of messy, so sometimes I change which ones display on the map page.


I also export all of the data to my gps and save it from time to time because it only holds so many tracks, and I can keep them all if I do this. I actually have differant folders on my computer with files that are customized, so I can make maps with only the data I want. For instance, I have detailed maps for friends that I hunt with but more basic ones for other hunt club members. I have ones for state parks I have gone to, so I can delete my hunt club tracks and load my park tracks if I know I am going there. Then I can put the hunt club tracks back on.

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