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Transferring route and waypoints from MapSource

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I have successfully transferred routes and waypoints from MapSource to my LegendHCx numerous times without issue. Now I have a new series of waypoints named EA01 to EA14 from which I created a route using Edit>New Route using Selected Waypoint(s) in MapSource and transferred to my Legend. On this occasion, although the transferred waypoints are identified as EA01, etc. in my Legend, the route displays them as EA011 to EA141, adding the numeral 1 in each case. In order to ensure there is no conflict from other routes or proximity alarms, I have cleared my Legend of all waypooints, routes and proximity alarms before freshly transferring this route. The result is the same. What is going on?

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If you transfer Waypoints to the unit that already exist on the unit, the Waypoints will be duplicated with the addition of the "1" digit.


For example, if you have a Waypoint named "Mom" and you send another Waypoint named "Mom" to the unit, you will now have two Waypoints on the unit. One named "Mom" and one named "Mom1".


The data doesn't "sync". The data just adds on the to the existing. Even if it's the "same" data.


If this is somehow happening even when you have cleared the previous data, it sounds like the data isn't clearing. Or perhaps you have the same Waypoint in more than one route, perhaps?

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Motorcycle Mama


I have done the best I know to remove everything through Waypoints>Delete...>All Symbols and Route>Remove All. I have just repeated the exercise before replying and the result is the same. I do accept what you say, however. I can quite understand the digit being added because EA01, for example, exists already. Yet the waypoints themselves are seen as EA01; it is only when viewed in route form, either in the route's waypoints list or on the map, that the extra digit is seen.

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Motorcycle Mama


Under 'What To Send' when transferring data in MapSource, both Waypoints and Routes boxes are automatically checked, and that is how I believe I would have previously transferred the data without a problem. However, wondering whether that did cause the duplication in this instance, I subsequently transferred the route only. The result is still EA011 for EA01.




Waypoints added manually in my Legend to create a new route display correctly as EA01, for example.

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Motorcycle Mama and Ken


I have just now renamed EA01 to EA14, E01 to E14. Transferred both route and waypoints to my Legend. The waypoints in the route display read correctly as E01 to E14. Deleted all routes and waypoints. Renamed E01 to E14, EA01 to EA14. Transferred both route and waypoints to my Legend. The waypoints in the route display read correctly as EA01 to EA14!


It's too late now, but I do wonder whether the fault lay with the original route created in MapSource, that changing the waypoint names has nothing to with it and whether, if I had simply deleted the route and recreated it, that would have solved the problem.


Time to close this issue, I think!


I thank you both for your input.

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