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Question about a TB "mission" tag

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We picked up a TB last week with the hopes of getting it going in the right direction again. The "mission" tag that's attached is half unreadable because water got thru the plastic covering on it. We've tried to contact the owner 2 times through email, but no reply. We'd like to drop it in a cache this weekend. Would it be proper to just replace the tag with a new readable one without hearing from the owner, or should we just cross our fingers and send it on it's way?

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if you don't change anything, I think it is perfectly acceptable to replace the tag with a readable one. If the old tag had something special on it (such as it was handwritten, had a photo on one side etc), then I'd keep the old tag on and simply add the new tag with the mission in readable script.

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Here's what we did, only because we want to get him on his way today. We've been sitting on him for a week with no email reply from the owner. We made a new tag with all the info from the webpage, had it laminated, attached it to the chain, and left the original one attached also. We figured that would be the best way to go with it. Thanks for everyone's imput.

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