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Coins for sell

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I am clearing out some coins. Thanks for looking.


PM ONLY (no emails)



Hogwild Famous Travelling Black Nickel

(2)Hogwild Famous Travelling Satin Gold

Hogwild Famous Travelling Silver



Bashed at Midwest Antique Silver

TGBear 2007 Nickel

World of Geocaching Version #2



Capitana Medallion Treasure

Gold Escudo Treasure Cache

Reale Treasure Cache

Fundamental & Venlis Copper

Geo Coin Club 2005-9 S.A. Off-Green

Geowoodstock 5 Event

Prague 2006 Antique Bronze

PSUFan Braving the Briars Gold

Team Skirtlifter Lamp Post Coin 2006 Silver

Tennessee 2007 Spinner Nickel

Tortoise or the Hare Gold

WSgaskins GeoDiesel 2007 Black Nickel - Black Carbon

Cammo Ammocan - Forest

GC&PC Back to School

GC&PC Mother's Day

Rome 2006 ROMA Antique Bronze Activated

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut! Nickel Activated



Chinese Lantern - Blue/Silver

March of the Penguins LE Nickel

Let It Snow Window Gold

Holiday Gnome Gold w/Glitter



Four Musketeers Imperial Purple AS

Tennessee 2007 Spinner LE Copper

Chinese Lantern LE Red/Gold


If you wish to buy more than 3 coins, I will give you $1.00 off each additional coin (after the first 3).


Shipping is $1.50 for the first coin and $0.50 for each additional coin.

If you want insurance (US only), then shipping is $3.00 for the first coin and $0.50 for each additional coin.

If you are out of the US, then shipping is $3.00 for the first coin and $0.50 for each additional coin.


Again, PM ONLY. Thanks.

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