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,gpx vs .csv

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I have a Garmin (260W) and a MacBook. I used an application called Garmin POI Loader to load files last week, but can't seem to get the program to recognize a .gpx file.


I admit that I am not real technical.


Has anyone figured this out?

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Can you give more details when you say that it won't "recognize a .gpx file"?


Are you saying that the file won't load? Are you getting an error message? Do .CSV files load?


Be sure that in POI Loader you are trying to select the FOLDER and not trying to select the FILE.


POI Loader is asking you for the SOURCE of the data. It is looking for the folder. You will not be able to select the file. And you don't need to.


Put the file(s) that you want loaded to the GPS unit into a folder on your computer and point POI Loader to that folder.

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