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Builder help on my first Wherigo


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I am trying to build my first Wherigo it is very simple but it seams to be a real headach. I dont do any progaming and the builder is not very user friendly. I can normaly get'r done with the help function on programs but this is just killing me. I have no problem setting up zones and adding media I even have the zones all invisable when it starts. I have some of the zones become visable as you enter thier zone but not all work correctly eventhough the script for each zone is the same. All I want to do Is have them start at a zone walk around the track to open up the other zones to get to the end and take a test to get the final location to become visable. shouldn't be to tough right? Well it is kicking my........ pants. any help please.

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Yes, what is your problem? You said what you wanted to happen, zones to become visible when the player walks into them, but you never did say what was giving you a problem.


I'm going to take a guess here. You said not all zones work correctly even though the script is the same. It's not perfectly identical, right? The script has to differ just a little bit because the next zone will always be different.


If you're clearer on your problem, you'll get better help.

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sorry well I found that the script wasnt exactly the same it was in a different order. changed the order of script to match and tested it, works fine for the zones. what I need to know how to do is make a test that is hidden until all the zones have been walked through so that they can answer some questions and when it is correct the final location will become visable. I dont even have an idea how to start that. Also is there a way to make them go to the zones in order... ok I mean is there an easy way to make them go in order....... ok what I really mean is there a way someone like me with no computer language skills can easily make that happen. thanks

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I'll take the easiest question first: how to make them go to the zones in order.

Instead of having your zones invisible, make all but the first inactive (visibility doesn't matter when they're inactive, by the way). Even if the person walks through an inactive zone, nothing will happen. When the person walks through the first zone, make the second active and, I'd suggest, visible. There's no point, I think, to having the zone invisible, especially with the Garmin Players' penchant for requiring someone to zero out to register the event for when a player enters a zone.


As for asking a series of questions to the player, that's more time-consuming to answer. I'll (or someone else) will have to give you a step-by-step answer at a later time. It's late and I don't have time to write out a step-by-step tutorial. Suffice it to say, when someone enters the zone you want to begin asking questions, you choose the "Get input from the player" option, make a new input, and assign the result to a variable. In the input's OnInput event, do an if/then/else test for the correct value. If the value is correct and you want to add another input, do the steps again by choosing the "Get input from the player" steps. If it is the wrong answer, you could always "Get input from the player" and choose that same input to create a loop until the player gets it right. That's the short answer.

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