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TB Found; But not listed as in the cache


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I'm still fairly new to this. I have found a couple TBs before and had no trouble logging them and dropping them off.


I just found one, however, that when I enter the number it says its in the hands of xxxx, not in the cache that I found it in. What is the acceptable way to deal w. this?



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It is possible that the previous finder had just dropped the bug into the cache just before you found it and hasn't had a chance to log it yet. Over the weekend some people don't always have ready access to a computer.


If you still have the bug in hand, give it few days and maybe even send them a polite email checking to see if they can log it soon.


It's when you have already dropped the bug into another cache that the tracking can go bad. Let's hope not.


If you do have to grab the bug away, post a note on the cache you found it in and drop the bug, then retrieve the bug so the tracking stays accurate.

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I agree, give it at least a week before grabbing it. If you planned to drop it sooner, you need to make a decision...


I 'grabbed' a TB from someone that I retrieved from a cache. It was listed as being in someone's hands, so I checked when they had visited the cache. From reading other logs I knew it was only a week before, although they had not logged a visit. I was planning to drop it in a cache the next day though. In retrospect I should have waited, but they never logged the visit...


You might be able to tell who dropped it from the cache and TB logs. If it's been a while, you can grab it fairly safely. If the person who has it hasn't logged a cache visit, you may want to wait.

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Give it at least a week before you log it. Often times people are traveling or don't log online every 10 mins,so give it some time. Grabbing it will only complicate the process and won't give credit to the original dropper. I care about the TB's I drop and want to see they are done correctly.

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