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No data excists for the chosen theme


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Greetings builders


I'm making a demo Wherigo to understand the basics. Following the tutorial step by step I came across a message I could not solve. Maybe you can help.


When I tried to create a zone from the map I got the message: No data excists for the chosen theme.

1) I could not find this message discussed in this forum.

2) I could not find an "edit theme" button in the builder.

3) I do have Google earth installed,

4) I asked a Wherigo Builder who made a cache. But he didn't know (he used a work around)


So I got stuck.


Maybe the fact that I live in The Netherlands has got something to do with it?!?! I don't know. Maybe someone does and can help me with this messages.




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Maybe the fact that I live in The Netherlands has got something to do with it?!?!


Yes. In their infinite wisdom TPTB appear to have provided this functionality only for the USA. However, if you use some coordinates close to where you want the zone to be (entering by hand initially - the create from address thing works too - and you only need to enter a town name) then you can use the "Edit Online" button to adjust the zone on a google map. Why they didn't put this functionality in the initial zone creation dialog is beyond me but there it is. The Edit online button is quite good.

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Thanks for the reactions,


I will try the adress thingy <_< and the Edit online feature.





p.s. are there more features in the tutorial that don't work outside the US? saves me and others a lot of questions (and time) if we knew ;-)

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