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A bit of good news for all of you that are after going paperless caching. I have just installed the latest upgrade for this nifty little programe and it now has the facility to ouput a file to the notes section of your iPod and include most of the logs. No need for any macros or anything extra.


Yes I know that GSAK does just this but I like this package. :ph34r:

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One more bit of good news for you iPod owners out there.

As I tend to keep a lot of cache info on my iPod it can sometimes be a pain hunting throgh them so I had an idea and emailed the supplier of the software and asked if there was a way I could direct different sets of caches to different folders.

Well he emailed me back a day later with a link to download the latest version and lo and behold I can now download to the main 'Geocaches' folder and 5 sub folders as well. Tried it out and downloaded all to the main folder and then 5 different filtered sets to the sub foldes and boy does it make life easy.


And before anybody asks again if I am on commision, the answer is no I just think that this is a good package and with the added bonus of this latest bit it's even better.

If you want to have alook the link is near he top of the thread.

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Don't know what type of backup service you all get from whoever supplies the software you use for caching but I reckon this good.

Wanted to do some SQL searches but know nothing about SQL so emailed the guy who does the program asking for some hints and he added an easy SQL search panel within 3 hours and therefore made life easy for my old brain.


Now thats what I call back up service.

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