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Multiple entires and parking

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Hi and a BIG ;) thank you for such an excellent piece of add-on software. I have a Nuvi 300 and have already found several caches by going paperless -


I've two minor niggles, probably because I don't know how to use GSAK.


1. It currently lists parking areas mixed amongst the caches. Can I set GSAK so it doesn't export this extra data, which really just confuses the picture on the Nuvi


2. Somehow I've got duplicate and triplicate entries for the same cache on the Nuvi ! I have downloaded the data a couple of times, but I thought that just wiped out the previous POI file on the Nuvi. (The dupes don't appear to be on GSAK, but only on the Nuvi)


3. Oh one other question how can I make the Nuvi read the memory card for the POIs instead of the main Nuvi memory?


I am really taken with your great breakthrough! How many forests have been saved in just one day of paperless caching!!!!!!

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