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Navigation / driving instructions problems

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I have a Legend C with turn by turn navigation. Only problem, it routes the worst possible route. Even if I say i only have to go four blocks through a neighborhood, it will try routing my to a highway first. It's the most useless thing ever. I assume I'm doing something wrong, but I've tried everything including fastest time/shortest time set it for pedestrians, etc.


Any ideas, or is this feature really that weak.


On the other hand, if I just use "off-road" it does an excellent job of tracking my progress along the city maps I have installed and giving me a great idea of where to turn and such to get to my destination.

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It sounds like it’s routing on the base map. That would produce the kind of routes you describe.


You say you installed “city maps”. A couple of possibilities come immediately to mind: 1) the map product you installed doesn’t support autorouting on the unit, or 2) you didn’t check the box to send autorouting information to the unit with the maps.


What is the name of the map product you installed? (Hint: the answer is not “MapSource.” That’s the program. The map product should be either City Navigator or Metroguide.)

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The Legend C "supports" turn by turn navigation ... however it doesn't come with the maps necessary to actually "do" turn by turn navigation. It sounds like you only have the base map loaded. You need to get City Navigator maps and load them.


As roybassist said ... if you do have City Navigator loaded, did you remember to check the "send autorouting information" in Mapsource when you initially loaded the maps?

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Your problem is that Ibycus' free US maps don't have routing information, so your GPS is trying to route off the basemap.


Thanks. This nails it. I had no idea that maps needed to support it. I figured if the information was there, it would work. Looks like I may be purchasing the Garmin city maps now.

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