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Two PQ Questions


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Question 1 -- I couldn't see a way to make a PQ that gives me all the caches by a given cacher. Could someone confirm that's correct?


Question 2 -- I deleted/archived a PQ so I would have room for others. But, it hasn't gone away. It's still there with a line through it. When does it really go away so I have more room?


Question 3 -- What do "Pocket" Queries have to do with pockets?


I know, I know I promised only 2 questions -- so just ignore #3

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I know of no way to have PQ locate all caches owned by a specific user. Obviously, you easily build such an extract in GSAK from a larger query set, and I imagine you could manually build a bookmark list of that person's caches and then PQ the bookmark list ... but obviously in the latter case it wouldn't update automatically when a new cache was created by the individual.


If the pocket query was run within the last 24 hours, it will remain in your list until 24 hours has elapsed and then be removed (this keeps people from cheating the 5 query limit by running and deleting queries right away).


I don't know the answer to last question, but I imagine it might have something to do with the fact that they were specifically queries for data to be downloaded and taken offline -- most often to be loaded into a pocket PC or similar device (i.e. take a query of data and put it in my pocket to go). Sounds like as good a reason as any for the name.

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