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a hardware related issue.... sort of......

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first off, this isn't a *specific* hardware issue,

and the reason i am posting it here instead of

the general off topic area is that people looking

here are often looking for information regarding

what to buy, where to buy, etc.


if you google the phrase "brooklyn camera scam"

you will get a wealth of information about scam

artists selling cameras principally, and electronics

in general from new york, specifically brooklyn and

surrounding areas...


bait & switch, CC fraud, the whole thing...

used stuff, broken stuff, empty boxes shipped, etc.


there is even a guy who has bicycled around and snapped

photos of these places, most of which look a bit worse than

your average crack house. sort of like geocaching, but looking

for disreputable internet companies instead of tupperware

yeah, everyone needs a hobby.... here is a link to his stuff...

take a peek and you'll see what i mean...




anyway, before buying online, be very cautious with your

credit card information... paypal offers a one time CC

number that is linked to your paypal account, and it is only

good for the day it is issued for one purchase only...

it's not a bad idea to consider using something like this..

it's inconvenient, but then so is CC fraud on your account... :-(


anyway, hope this saves someone some grief in their online

selection process....



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