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Iphone interface?


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Not a techie so don't read this as a super tech question. Just wondering as I read about 30 pages of stuff on these forums in a feeble attempt to understand Wherigo and at one point someone mentioned Iphone in a posting. Since I have one and an interest in playing / Caching Wherigo for the first time eventually, I thought wow wouldn't it be nice if I could do so on my IPphone without buying more stuff.


I have 2 GPSr's Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx & Magellan 500LE + Iphone + Laptop PC and we have a GPS enabled Phone (Nokia 6555) which we haven't figured out yet (wife's phone). I saw a Garmin Colorado once... Recently in fact.


I guess one of our major problems would just be simply Lack Of Knowledge. Neither of us are in the Computer Technology field so most of this stuff eludes us.


The real questions would be how's the progress of IPhone (being an Apple thingy) coming along. :blink:


Question 2 would be if the reference to the IPhone only for the new one that is actually GPS enabled (I knew I should have waited - and they are less expensive too, darn).


Question 3 I've downloaded the Builder, do I just download the tutorial to my PC and run the Builder??

Instructions are a little vague for us PC Dummies...


Bottom Line We want to play (at least the tutorial to get an idea of how it all works) :D



Edit for spelling I saw it just as I xmited...

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I'll leave it up to Groundspeak to address the iPhone issue. I thought about getting one, but it didn't fit in the small coin pocket in my jeans. Perhaps I'll join the crowd yet.


To play the tutorial on your computer, open the builder. Click "Tools" and select "Emulator". It will ask you for a folder on your computer. Click to the place you downloaded the tutorial and click OK. This will bring up a screen with a PDA on the right and Google Maps, after it loads, on the left. Once Google Maps loads (I've occasionally had issues with being too fast and crashing the emulator), select the tutorial on the PDA. It'll ask if you want to set a starting location. You don't need to; anywhere will do just fine. After that, the cartridge will begin playing.


If you have any other questions, post them to the forum!

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