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Unable to log on with Windows Mobile 6 IE but able to logon using Opera mini 3

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I do caching quite simply on my HTC Tytan II. I have a programme called Tracky that lets me search for nearby caches and once found I usually log my find through the IE explorer on the phone. As such I can be away from home and do all my usual geocaching actvites including send messenges to other users etc through my phone.

It was working fine till recently, but now when I try to log on, I am taken, correctly, to the login page, but once correctly completed and "login" clicked, I am taken back to the page I was looking at, still not logged in.

I can however log on using Opera mini 3 from the same device.

This doesnt help when trying to reply to an email through a User profile as the default browser that opens on clicking the user profiles url is WM6 IE.

It would greatly assist if this problem could be sorted out.

Thanks in advance


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