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Advice needed please

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One of my colleagues who knows I do things with 'that GPS stuff' sent me the following email:




I run a lot. I need something that tracks distance covered by gps, and ideally allows you to upload to t’internet to track runs etc. i don’t need anything else fancy.


(I’ve got a nikeplus chip in my trainers which wirelessly connects to my ipod, but it’s hopelessly inaccurate.)


Know anything good?




I have no idea - can anyone suggest anything suitable (preferably available in the UK)


Thank you.




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Know anything good?


One word.... Forerunner!


I've had the Garmin 305* for around 9 months and its Ab Fab! records all my runs very accurately and with the added bonus of heart rate etc. Check it out!




* I believe that there is a new 405 model out now.

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