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Just trying to start out and awaiting delivery of my etrex Venture!

Anyway, I have downloaded EasyGPS and some waypoints for a cache. All that shows on the EasyGPS screen is the cache icon, no map, no interim way points. Would that be usual? What else do I need to get to use EasyGPS? Do I need external MAp files?


Thanks for any help.


PS (I shall be bothering you enough later Bob!)

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Easygps is a free program providing enough functionality to upload loc and gpx files to your gps. What you see is what you get. I dont know about the full version but I suspect because it is U.S. based there will be no maps for use in the U.K.

To be able to reference the position of caches try adding some user defined locations to the waypoints list that may help. I am not a regular user of Easygps so cannot expand on its capabilities beyond that. I use it as a quick tool to upload geocache waypoints to my GPSr and that is all.

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There are several ways to visualise the waypoints you have created on EasyGPS, one is to use Google Earth:


1. Save your waypoints on EasyGPS as a .gpx file.

2. In your internet browser navigate to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?form=googleearth (save it as a favourite!)

3. Click on 'Browse' under the "Upload your GPS data files here: ?" section and locate the file you just saved

4. Click on "Create KML file"

5. This will create a new page with a link - open it et voilà


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