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RMA for my 400T

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After 4 calls and a return call that never happened after a month an a half I gave up and called Garmin one last time and demanded a RMA on my 400T that has a clock that does not run all the time. I was constantly told it was a software issue and what finally did the trick was my question "If its a software issue then why are not all of them doing the same thing. Only some have this problem" It might just have been to shut me up but they agreed to replace the unit. Promised me it would have 4 gig and would work. I also requested a call tag. For those of you that do not know what that is it is a prepaid shipping label. You print it and use it so that Garmin pays the return shipping not you. Its insured and has the RMA already on the label.


I shipped it today. Lets see how long it takes to get back.

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Taking my 2nd 400t back tommorrow to REI. Luckily you can retuen anything you bought at REI no matter how long you've owned it.


My problel is accuracy with Geochacing. I want real hard to love this unit, but apparently there are a lot of bugs, but I believe the main problem is the Garmin (not Sirftstar) chipset,


I hope Garmin gets it right because it will be a great unit once the bugs are worked out.

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