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Real-time caching


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We recently got mobile broadband for our laptop, so we decided to try real-time caching. I thought I'd share our experiences so far.


We are a two-person team (Mr. and Ms. Imajeep) and we had been caching with GSAK on the laptop. One person drives, and the other navigates. We would pick caches in advance, load them into a bookmark list, generate a PQ from the list, and load the PQ results into GSAK and Google Earth. Then we would take screenshots in Google Earth to plan routes between the caches we selected.


When we went real-time, we sidelined GSAK. We still pick caches in advance and bookmark them; now, we simply download a KML of the bookmark list and load it into Google Earth. We use the GE Path tool in advance to draw routes between caches, with each path containing the route from the current cache to the next one. We deselect the caches and routes in GE before we hit the road, so that none are visible.


On the road, we connect our Garmin to the laptop via USB and enable GE's real-time tracking feature. It works pretty well, although there is a few-second lag in updating our screen position. When we set up the next cache, the navigator simply enables the cache and the route in GE, so that they are visible, and we take off. Very clean, uncluttered navigation screen.


En route, we load the cache page from Geocaching.com, so that it's ready when we arrive. When we arrive, we read the description and the logs, then we hunt the cache. When we get back to the car, we log the find or DNF on the spot, then set up the next cache and take off.


We could probably get the job done with less advance preparation, but we are both pretty methodical, and we enjoy the prep. The real-time system has cut out most of the drudgery involved in prepping for a caching outing.


If anyone is thinking about mobile broadband, we can certainly recommend it for caching, so long as you cache in an area that has good coverage. Since we live in Chicago, that is rarely an issue. We'll keep GSAK on hand for outings to areas that don't have coverage.

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