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Export cache information to TXT format


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:laughing: Is it possible to have an "export to text" button on the cache information page, right next to the "Send to GPS" button? I am presently opening up NotePad and creating a simple txt file name as GC****.txt . In the text file I copy and paste the information of the cache, such as:

Cache Name:


Owner of Cache:

Difficulty and Terrain:

Information from the web page:

Hint decrypted:


Once the file is complete with the information, it is downloaded as a text file to my normal cell phone (Samsung 760). The file size is typically 1K in size (very samll). It saves paper!!


On the cellphone, when a get to a cache that my GPS identifies, I look up the cache name on the cellphone and open the file to see the information. Very COOL


The "Export to txt" needs to create a txt file in a pre defined place on the harddrive of the PC. The cellphone software will port the text files over to the correct memory location on the phone so that it all works.


I think this feature will work for almost every modern simple cell phone with a PC interface.


Thanks for a great site

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