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What is correct way to hold GPSr?

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Does anyone know the best way to hold these units to get best signal, accuracy, repeatability? I'm more interested in correct position rather then operation of any electronic compass.


Magellan Meridian Platinum (I think vertically)


Magellan Explorist 210 (I think vertically)


Garmin Summit HC (I think horizontally)


Garmin 60CSx (I think vertically)



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Thanks on the 210 patch info. Ya know, I feel that the 210 is as stable and as repeatable as the others. So far the 60CSX position is less stable/reliable when caching. I'm doing some crude repeatability tests now and may post them if the trends I have noticed, so far, continue.

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I just got a 60CSx and it came with a pocket clip hanger thingy..makes me thing vertical is better, but then you have to hold it flat for the compass to be functional - you'd think since the engineers made decisions on this they'd pass it along to use in the instruction manual.


I've been out once, a clear sky so it was optimum conditions, and there was no difference between the 60CSX and my etrex Vista. A firend I went out this late last summer had a 60 and in the cover of the woods just blew away my Vista for accuracy and holding a signal. I hope to get out some today and see how well it works in use compared to a Vista.

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