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NDIF Disk Image Map Help

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There are no Mac programs that will transfer these maps directly to your Colorado. You'll need Windows.


Install the maps on a Windows PC using the instructions on the page you linked to. Now you can use MapSource on the PC to transfer the maps to your Colorado.


If you want to have the maps available on the Mac, first convert the maps to Mac format using Garmin's MapConverter on the PC, put the converted files on the Mac and then use MapManager to transfer them to the Colorado (see http://www8.garmin.com/manuals/MapSource_M...acComputers.pdf )

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You would need Windows installed on your Mac to do it all on your Mac.

Install the maps on a Windows PC using the instructions on the page you linked to.

Use the instructions from: http://www.paulmac.force9.co.uk/geo/index.html

to install the set under Windows. The convet the Maps with the Garmin instructions. If you don't have Windows installed on your Mac, you will need to get someone with a PC to help you out.


To get the final maps onto your Garmin, you will need MapInstall as MapManager just installs the Maps on your Mac.

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