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Mapping software for a laptop

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I've pretty much used Garmin's Mapsource and nRoute by default since I use a Garmin GPS and have the software I've never cared much however for the feel or look of Mapsource itself, and I'm kicking around the idea of buying a better product to use when traveling. I'm mostly interested in routing software that will calculate and recalculate routes but also I'd like a program that will let me add waypoints such as geocaches so they can be displayed along a route.


So far it seems like Microsoft's Streets and Trips and Delorme's map software seem to be the most popular but I haven't seen anything that says you can add your own waypoints such as geocaches into them (although you can in Delorme's Topo software). Does anyone have a program they like better than the Garmin products, if so, why?


Thanks for the help!

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We've had good luck with MS S&T, and downloading waypoints to it via GSAK. We just run filters for the desired caches, export them thru GSAK as a .csv, and the use the import wizard to pull them onto a map in S&T. You can then search them by name in S&T, set a route to one or more, and you are on your way.

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I agree that S&T is pretty hard to beat as an easy to use program and it is usually pretty economical to buy. If I want to do a quick route just to get the mileage and see the best way to go I usually fire up S&T.

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