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.net code on search page


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I have noticed .net code on the bottom of the search page.

With both IE7 and Mozzilla browsers. I am going to power up the old system and check IE-6 as well.


Request Details

Session Id: 45d5e5zkhvmyhw45i4wuix55 Request Type: GET

Time of Request: 9/12/2007 5:20:11 PM Status Code: 200

Request Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8) Response Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8)

Trace Information

Category Message From First(s) From Last(s)

aspx.page Begin PreInit

aspx.page End PreInit 3.7206132879046E-05 0.000037

aspx.page Begin Init 6.11162339996562E-05 0.000024

Initialized Country Select 0.00623128143413094 0.006170

In OnInit 0.00632232686807433 0.000091

In OnInit 0.00635262241532907 0.000030

In OnInit 0.00637251644968195 0.000020

aspx.page End Init 0.00640111529625057 0.000029

aspx.page Begin InitComplete 0.00641908381913946 0.000018

aspx.page End InitComplete


This continues for quite a while.

Not a real problem for me I just stop scrolling when the normal page stops.



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