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Please help w\ Idaho GMU shape file

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I changed the original shapefile polygon format of the Idaho Game Management Units to polylines and TYP'ed them so the outline of the GMU shows as a red line with a white border. (GMU border outlines can be made any color with TYP)


I used GPSMapEdit, cGPSMapper, GenTYP and MapSetToolKit to make the custom map for upload to GPS through Mapsource. Search this site and Google "custom Garmin maps" for info on how to make your own map using these tools..


Here's what it looks like over the Garmin basemap in a Garmin 276c


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I must not have my settings right in Mapedit because it take a good portion of the day to process the map and then Gentyp gives me a "Max 32x32 xpm bitmaps with 2 colors" error. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


email me your .mp file and the image you are attempting to use in GenTYP

cf-700 at hotmail dot com

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Thanks RWS for your help. I am attemping to email you the file now, but I am supposing that I should process each unit separately as supposed to the whole state at once. Also I am still trying to learn how to use GenTYP, and noticed you had a tutorial on another posting but it is no longer available. Would you still have that laying around somewhere?

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