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My first attempt at creating a route...


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I don't know why this is not working

I created a route (Maple Falls, WA to Safeco Field, Seattle) in Google Earth

Saved it as KML

Previewed the route - looks absolutely correct.

Uploaded it to pocket query.

And ended up with a bizarre route that veers all over the map and ends up somewhere out in the water in the San Juans.


I've tried this 3 times, using slightly different starting and ending points and still get the weird skewing.



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There are a couple of ways of making routes in Google Earth. Did you use the 'Ask for directions' method, or did you use the Path tool? The Path tool creates a 'track' rather than a route, and I've never had much luck with it, even after using GPS Babel to convert the track to a route.


So lately, I've been using the 'ask for directions' approach, and it works like a champ for me. Hope that helps!

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Try previewing the results of the pocket query - the shown route doesn't always match the true route (known issue) but the route may still work.

I agree, quite a few of mine look screwed up on the map, but the PQ always seems to come out ok.

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