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Destruction of a Mark


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Looks like this weekend, those in the Rochester area who are interested will be able to view the destruction of a benchmark. Eastman Kodak is undergoing a transition from film to digital, and in the Rochester Area, the industrial complex known as Kodak Park has seen dozens of buildings demolished to reduce the company's footprint, pay less taxes, etc...


Benchmark OF2258 - Deisg KODAK sits atop one of the buildings to be demolished, Building 23. The building is scheduled for implosion on Sunday July 1st. A nearby building, no. 9 will be imploded Saturday June 30th.


My father worked in that building for many of the over 30yrs he worked at Kodak. I worked at Kodak for 5 years before the division I was part of was sold. I am very excited about viewing the demolition and will have at least 2 of my cameras there to try and record the implosion. Now it is even more interesting as the building contains the benchmark and reference marks.


I suppose its possible they have been removed prior to demolition. We'll have to check the database over the next few months to see if it is updated.


Article in the local paper: Kodak Park Bldgs 9,23 to be razed


This is going to be awesome! :o

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I love the 3 submissions idea! :mmraspberry:


As an update, I have been able to contact the program manager via email and suggest that they attempt to recover the marks and contact the NGS. He said they are going to try and find out if the disks are still up there (only recovery was the monumenting of the disks in 1925) and see if they can be removed before the demolition. Seems highly likely that the disks would still be there, I don't think they allow too many people up onto the roof at Kodak Park. And at worst, the disks would be destroyed Sunday anyway, so they might as well try and recover them. He said he would let me know their results. (I bet an experienced hunter such as myself could help out :signalviolin: )


Hmmm, I have to believe the building has had its roof recovered/replaced in the last 80 years... Hopefully the people that placed the marks put them in a safe location.


Today's forecast calls for afternoon thunderstorms, so I am going to try and get some photos of the buildings tomorrow, before they are destroyed.

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Well, both buildings went down in a boom, exactly as planned. The first implosion on Saturday Morning, the building without the benchmarks on it was quite spectacular as a huge cloud of dust made it all the way to the spectators (including me).


The second implosion was a little less spectacular, but still cool none the less. I have uploaded my photos to benchmark page OF2558 - KODAK for you to view them. I was able to do a burst mode of over the several seconds it took for the building to come down. Very loud, and very cool.


I haven't heard back from the Kodak Park Facilities Director as to whether or not they found the marks and removed them or not. My father actually worked/knew the fellow in the past, so maybe he'll let me know the outcome. I'd imagine he's pretty busy right now. :D













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Here are a few photos of the first building they imploded. It was amazing, a huge cloud of dust flew out of the building towards the spectators. Fortunately I remembered my mask.








Getting Dusty:



Really Dusty:



Uh Oh...



And Gone:



Surprisingly the dust cleared away pretty fast (apprx 10-15 minutes). And cleanup began immediately.

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