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Help with GPSBabel

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I'm attempting to use GPSBabel to run a query on a GPX file.


I want an output that looks like this:

"Waypoint", "Lat", "Lon", "Name", "Last found", "Last found by"


I've read the documentation on the GPSBabel and it seems to be a very robust program. However, the specificity of the documentation leaves something to be desired.


The last command I tried (which failed) looked like this:

./gpsbabel -i gpx, -f 132158.gpx -o csv ,GEOCACHE_LAST_FOUND,"","%ld" -F parsed.txt


What order do I need to feed in that GEOCACHE_LAST_FOUND option to make that field show up in the results?


I'm doing this via a command line, so GPX Spinner and GSAK aren't an option for me. This will run on either Linux or Mac OS X. A Windows GUI is out of the question.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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the specificity of the documentation leaves something to be desired.[/quit] When we had one page of doc, I readily accepted that criticism. Now that we have over 100 pages of doc per version, I still get it, but I don't accept it as readily. If you feel something is missing, please report specific URLs and paragraph numbers. Better yet, submit suggested prose - that's how it improves.

The last command I tried (which failed) looked like this:

./gpsbabel -i gpx, -f 132158.gpx -o csv ,GEOCACHE_LAST_FOUND,"","%ld" -F parsed.txt

If you can point to anything in that doc that led you to the expectation that would work, please do file a bugreport on the GPSBabel mailing list. The style introduction is at: http://www.gpsbabel.org/htmldoc-developmen...yles_intro.html


"last found by" is not one of the options described in http://www.gpsbabel.org/htmldoc-developmen...yle_define.html so the closest I could come to the output you desire was host244-231-65-207:~/src/gpsbabel robertlipe$ cat xxx.style

DESCRIPTION VaxCaves Very Special Style
















host244-231-65-207:~/src/gpsbabel robertlipe$ ./gpsbabel -i gpx -f ~/src/geo/mgpx/MyMiddleTN -o xcsv,style=xxx.style -F - | head -3

GC11G1V,35.925083,-86.869150,MTGC August Meeting,19700101

GCZDCP,35.928433,-86.868500,Do Not Pass Go Do Not Collect $200,20070511

GC12A6D,35.921417,-86.826500,tooth phary-1,20070512


Hopefully, that'll get you unstuck.

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Thanks so much for the example. That worked like a charm. I was able to add some of the other options I needed as well.


However, I notice that gpsbabel doesn't parse webcam cache logs properly. It doesn't seem to see it as a "found it" since the XML marks webcam found logs in the following manner:

<Groundspeak:type>Webcam Photo Taken</Groundspeak:type>

instead of

<Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type>

I imagine the same thing happens with event caches. Oh well, I'll submit a bug report and work around this for the time being. Thanks so much for helping a n00b.

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