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Printer Friendly page layout

MaxB on the River

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With the new changes, if you print cache pages the listing of TB's in the cache are now found at the end of the description (before they were at the top right corner - beside the map). If you want to know that information you have to print all the pages (sometimes 4-5 pages) to have a copy.


It seems with the changes, they could be listed under the current map and beside the cache coordinates box. At this time paperless is not an option.


Thanks for all your work in making changes and listening to all of the suggestions.

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I could live with the TB list in its new position following the cache description, but in that case I think the "Inventory" tag at the top of the first page should move down to precede that list.


And I would sure like to see the web fluff cleaned off properly for the print-friendly page. Using paper and toner to print "Download / Send to phone" on every listing makes no sense.


May I recommend that the web developers add, to their development cycle, a step to eyeball the print-friendly pages before releasing an upgrade? I don't think they're getting any attention with the current process. I print hundreds of these, with all logs, each year so my wife can enjoy reading them as we travel to caches.

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I'll post here for now in case any moderators stop by. This may have been adressed lower and I missed, if so sorry for the repeat.


My problem with the printer-friendly pages is that the waypoint listing and map take up a disproportionate amount of space down the entire right side of every page. This tends to leave about 1/3 of the page blank when i print out the listings (or at least look at print preview...I've avoided printing out new pages so far)


I like that the waypoint is easy to find and read, but can the remaining (majority) of the page be arranged to print margin to margin. I don't know how others feel, but I don't use the small maps printed by the waypoint all that much anyway, so maybe those could be removed/location changed if that's what's causing the wasted space.

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