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GeoScout 1.3.0

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I was looking to download GeoScout for a test drive since it seems to be the best way to go paperless. I have WM 5. It's listed as working with WM 5 but I noticed it needed another program or WM utility named ". net compact framework 2.0" as a requirement. This is the first time I recall seeing this requirement to run a WM application. I Googled it and found that MS had a free download of it called ".net compact framework Redistributable". Is anyone using GeoScout 1.3.0 with WM 5 and the .net compact framework 2.0 Redistributable ? Does GeoScout run reliaibly? Are there any other program(s) comparable to GeoScout out there? Any info would be appreciated. Sims Roy

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I actually have done so successfully. Downloaded the trial of GeoScout added the .net framework and the software worked as advertised. I have since removed it from my pda and have gone back to using Cachemate. Bells and whistles aside, I found that I had more of what I needed at my finger tips with Cachemate. I was running GeoScout and continue to run Cachemate on an Ipaq hw6955 which has an integrated GMS phone and GPS. What I didn't like was the pieced together maps and the interface (unfortunately it was a couple of months ago that I removed it from my PDA so I can't recall the specific interface issues.) What I did find was that it was continually updating from the website which if I didn't have an unlimited data package with my wireless carrier could have made the high prices of gas look cheap when considering going out caching.


The software I have for caching on my PDA now is Cachemate (the best $8 investment next to GSAK) GPSproxy (which allows my internal gps to talk to Garmin software) and Garmin Que loaded with City Nav. North America (which allows me to map to any of the caches that I have loaded into it. The one drawback is that the Garmin Que doesn't have the compass arrow screen, so for that feature I once again go to Cachemate.) But when I get to the area of the cache, I use my GPSMap 60cx and the pda is data support.

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Well, with Cachemate being only $8 and having a much smaller footprint on the handheld, it is almost a no-brainer. There is no reason I can think of to pay $40 for a piece of software that is done as well, if not better and with a smaller footprint. I downloaded the demo and played a bit with it. I like CacheMate a lot better.


However, this is my personal opinion. The software was decent, just not worth $40 to me. :D

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No specific recommendations on the software as I have no experience with either (although cachemate certainly sounds like your best bet), however, compact framework 2.0 is a huge memory hog on the device. So much so that I won't install it (I have in the past and got rid of it), and won't run programs that require it. It might already be in your device's ROM, however, so that would save you the install and memory space. It doesn't particularly hog resources when running; it just hogs memory when installed.

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