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Not a benchmark

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Eichelbergers Inc is a water treatment quality company of some sort I found doing a google search.


Their home page: http://www.eichelbergers.com/Index.asp


It might be a water testing station.


From their website:


Vision Statement


"Our vision....... is to develop and protect the earth’s water supply."


Mission Statement


"Our mission is to provide trusted professionals to deliver quality services and products to our customers by combining expertise and technology in the ground water industry in an environmentally safe and economical fashion, while adding long term value to our clients and our Company".




is to become the most productive and efficient water and service oriented Company in the water and environmental well drilling, remediation, treatment, and pump installation business.


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It's a groundwater test well. They are access points to the underground aquifer that allow water sample to be taken. Service stations usually have a few to monitor for possible leaks and contaminants, but they are found anywhere the groundwater needs to be checked occasionally.


They can also indicate the depth of the aquifer relative to the surface. I worked for an environmental engineer for a while and I performed many level runs to carry the elevations from benchmarks to the tops of the wells so the engineers could monitor the water depth.


- Kewaneh

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