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Found Unactivated TB

Cacher Checks Only

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Picked up a very cute, unlogged TB from Karls' Kids Meal Toy Exchange in Pensacola, FL, in October only to find it had not even been activated. Contacted other cachers who might have left it, but did not contact all loggers. Will try to find owner via forum before going ahead and activating it as "Lost Kitty" to get it on its way before the holidays. Who wants to be lost then? TB is Neopet "Red Kougra" (red with black stripes, a bit smaller than a beanie baby). If I were a techno-wiz, I'd include a photo, but alas, there is not much hope for that. Anyone know the owner? Thanks for the help. Happy Holidaze to all.

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I emailed you privately, too, but just in case some emails somewhere is being blocked, I though I'd post here too.


Could this be your little red friend?


Picked up at GCMCBK I10- I65 travel bug motel by onefastsol in Alabama near where I-10 and I-65 meet by Froggers, who say:


August 29 by Froggers (18 found)

Red Kougra hasn't been activated yet. Also there were no other travel bugs in the boxes. So whoever had Red Kougra, please activate the number so we can log our pickup and dropoff.


August 29 by Froggers (18 found)

This was nice. Half the fun was in figuring out how to get to the parking spot. We picked up Red Cougar and have taken him east. He is going to join his newly found friends for a day at the beach before continuing on his journey. You can find his picture on the travel bug site.

That cache got shut down, so perhaps whoever dropped him off there was new and didn't realize their TB is still out there---or perhaps they don't know how to pull up an archived cache.


And the Froggers did drop him off, a few days later, not too far from where you found him in Escambria county, FL at GCX9VD Hidden Garden by Tufer & Tufer2


Where they say:

 September 2 by Froggers (18 found)

This was such a beautiful area. We enjoyed it very much. Left Red Cougar who last time we checked wasn't activated yet.


I noticed that the Froggers also visited GCHBRC the Double Barrel Travel Bug Motel cache near there and also owned by Tufer & Tufer2

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Is the travel bug tag of the new design or the old?

I don't know what the differences are. If someone can explain them, I could let you know.


The older tag design is rounded on the ends, the new design are more square.

The older style will be six digits, all numbers (123456), but deeply stamped into the tag, and unless somones been playing with the tags the numbers won't be colored.

The newer style will have six digits, but can include letter and may even be all letters (ab12ef , abcdef, etc). The digits will be stamped into the tag but much more shallow and the letters will be black.

(Theres also some change in the layout and wording on them, but the shape and number sequence are easier to figure out)







(bigger pictures)

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