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Explorist 600 WX screen problems


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My explorist 600 Altimeter and Barometer are both showing max settings. The Temp is displayed at 530 and the pressure at 49 and change. It sat on the shelf for several months but other then that it has not been exposed to any extremes. Nothing I have done seems to change them. What the heck is going on with my unit? Any ideas? Everything else seems to be working fine. Thanks for any help.

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As a 500 owner, I'm going from memory and not experience...but I seem to recall that one had to do a full calibration of the compass in order to get the other sensors working properly in the 600. Was that on your list of re-starts?


This may not be the problem with your unit...and I might well be misremembering, and there's some other illogical step that needed to be taken. But if this doesn't help, then I'd try re-installing the firmware to see if it does any good.

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Email can be slow with them; you'll be better off using the phone.


But here's another idea: use the service menu to clear out the sensor calibrations. From the rhamphorinkx site:

If while unit is "power off", press and hold NAV key then press PWR key, or if uint is already on, press MENU key then press right-left-right-left arrows, then on center of screen the service function windows with text "00" will appears. With help of arrows you can to change "00" to number of any other service function, then press ENTER.


"22" is the number for sensor clearing. You will, of course, need to do the full calibration again after clearing.

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