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Create Tracks in MapSend


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MapSend does not have a Track creation tool so here's a tutorial with video and step by step text instructions to make your own tracks.


Although you can create Routes in MapSend you are limited to 50 points per route (can't make a very detailed route with only 50 points) and the resulting route image on the GPSr screen is cluttered with waypoint icons.


Tracks can be made very detailed and they show up on the GPSr screen as a line with no waypoint icons to obstruct the maps view.


Feedback is welcome on this and any other of my video tutorials.


MapSend Track Tutorial

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Why did your route point you to the last point you set?


If you noticed the track was actually laid out backwards...watch the video as the track is built you''ll see the point numbers decreasing to 1. When I was making the video I didn't notice this...if this had been an actual track to be saved/used and was backwards and you didn't want to do it over, all you'd have to do is reverse the track in the Track Log menu on your GPSr.

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