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Link in Extra Waypoint GPX doesn't link to cache?

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I've noticed that in the 'extra waypoints' GPX file, there is a weblink back to a 'waypoint page'.

A local example is this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/wpt.aspx?WI...54-2f2b5d0335c0

What seems strange to me is that the waypoint page doesn't link to the actual cache page.

There are various ways of getting to the cache, but no simple ones.

I suggested this to gc.com by email, so they suggested I post here.


I'd opened the waypoint GPX file in Mapsource, to work out where some of the local multis are- and then clicked the weblink, thinking it would send me to the cache page.

To be honest - I can't see the point of having a waypoint webpage unless it pointed to the base cache page!

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