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Looking for information for a friend


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This friend wants a unit that they can reliably navigate work vehicle and geocache in a handheld unit. Price is pretty much open and they don't know the differences between Garmin and Magellan. I on the other hand lean towards Garmin but I do not want to force them into a unit that won't do all that they want it to.


Any help will be helpful. I know there are lovers of both types out there and I would like to keep it civil here.


BTW they are going out to look tomorrow 11-15-06 for the units. :laughing:

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I have owned Magellan and Garmin GPS's each one had its advantages. I am currently leaning toward the new Garmin products for a couple of reasons.


Magellan's in my opinion were more accurate. That is no longer true with the SirfIII chip. Now the Garmin's are as accurate if not more accurate.


Magellan's were able to hold more information because they could have an external card. Again the Garmin's have cought up


New Garmin's have the best screen on the market. The Garmin implementation of auto routing gives the user a lot more flexability in customizing how it works.


Magellan's reputation for customer support has not been the best of late, and it appears that Magellan is leaning toward vehicle mounted units and may be exiting the handheld market entirely.

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