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"Perfect" GPSr interface

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This has probably been hashed out a zillion times, but here's the deal. In addition to my Etrex Legend, I'm playing with a Palm Tungsten E2 and a Bluetooth SirfStar III GPSr. So far I've been unimpressed with what I've found to work with it. I can see satellite signal strength, and position, lat/lon. One program has tracklogs, but you can't view them on the handheld. Some lower-cost mapping programs I've tried are disappointing, because they use raster maps, or you have to find and geoencode your own maps, or stuff like that. I'm about to try DeLorme Street Atlas USA. But I have little confidence that I'll like that.


IMO, I'd like to see at least the functionality I get with my Legend - Satellite strength, viewable tracklogs, zoomable vector map with realtime positioning, waypoint management, stuff like that. If Street Atlas USA does it all, I might be happy, but I'm not holding my breath.


So, I'm considering taking an open-source GPS toolkit and writing some code to make a Geocaching-friendly GPS interface. The vector maps will be the tricky part, but as my momma says, I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it.


But what features do Geocachers feel they can't "live without" ?? What features would make you want to use a PDA GPS app, and what features would keep you from using it if they were absent?

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Why your dreaming of the future make sure to add a cell phone and a mp3 player so we can also enjoy our favorite toons while caching about.


That's what your Treo is for. :-)


I picked up a cable to connect the Treo+Legend and have been able to move waypoints back and forth. THere's a sendmap for palm but I have been unable to send maps to the gps from teh palm so far.

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