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Magellan geocache file system questions

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I'm new to geocaching and my magellan explorist 210, and I have some questions about the file system that I so far havent been able to figure out...


1. Is there a limit to the amount of geocache spots you can load into your magellan? I've been testing it out by downloading a huge amount of gpx locations and trying to load it... for example it will display 500 (yeah, its a lot of stuff to find, but im optimistic) in topo 3d or easygps, but when i transfer it there are definitley not 500 stored on my handheld.


2. I've noticed that in the window where you are viewing info on a individual geocache, when you select the view hint bit, it will display only the first 2 lines of the hint, no matter how much text there is. This annoys me, not because I want the hints, honest :laughing: , but because I wanted to edit the gpx file to replace the hint text with the directions, so i wouldnt need to bring along any paper when im out and about. But, with only 2 lines of text able to be displayed, directions are pretty useless. Im wondering if this is a glitch?


3. And finally, can anyone tell me why it took me so long to start geocaching? Cause I can't figure that out either.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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1. max 200 geocaches, if you load in more it will , it look to me randomly...., not show them all.

2. yes the hint line is limited dont know anymere hiow much characters precicely but somewhere around 20?

3. well for me the reason was that i didnt know about geocachinh before i got a gps that said support for gocaching and i tought huh? whats geocaching....

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1. True, there is a maximum of 200 geocache POIs per file. If you use multiple files, you can have as many geocache POIs as you are likely to want. GSAK is one tool that makes the carving up of your POIs into usable chunks pretty easy.


You can have up to 500 POIs in a Regular POI file, but be aware that only 200 of those 500 can have comments assigned to them. Some folk like to go the geocache POI route, others prefer Regular POIs.


2. hharink is right about the hint truncation, though if memory serves it is 50 characters allowed. That's too bad, because it sorta makes that feature worthless.


3. You started long ago, but the alien abduction involved a brain wipe that set you back a few years. Patience; all will be revealed in time. :laughing:

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Thank you for this information. I also put 500 Geocache POI's into my eX210 and headed out. Much to my shagrin some caches didn't show. I couldn't figure it out and after trying different sizes just wanted to know what the limits are. Should have come here first. Play On!

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We just got up and going on our explorist 210 this week. We love it. If you check out the section on the Mapsend manager that is documented at around page 72 of the PDF manual that is on the CD, it should answer all your questions. It is very concise on how to do it. It worked for me the first time. If you have additional questions, please send me a PM and I will be glad to get back to you. Happy Caching & Camping!

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Why do you want to load so many geocaches? There are only a few caches that you can find in a given amount of time, so I would stick with the 200 limit max. I generally load about 100, which keeps me plenty busy.

Perhaps they live in a cache-dense area. My nearest 500 unfound caches are all within 25mi of home. Not a big area. I know of cachers who travel as part of their job, and keeping hundreds of caches on their GPSr and PDA allows them to cache wherever business takes them.
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Why do you want to load so many geocaches? There are only a few caches that you can find in a given amount of time, so I would stick with the 200 limit max. I generally load about 100, which keeps me plenty busy.


I am all over different towns everyday of the week. I have 500 geocaches in my GPSr at all times and just glance at it as I am traveling through towns. I know that I will never get all 500 in a week, but I use them as goals for when I am in that area of town again. Even scouting a parking spot prior to heading out for the actual cache is a great help.

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