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I saw a similar thread in the West and Southwest forums and thought it was a cool idea, so I am not taking credit for the idea just expanding on it.


Please post stories and pictures of your caching adventures, good or bad, I'm sure everyone will enjoy your adventurous antics, and I know I have more than a few to share.


I'll start it off with our Seth Bullock Fire Lookout, near Deadwood SD.


July 23 by Oneyedjack (452 found)

OK, lets just say this was our most memorable cache of our 2006 vacation, not to mention of all of 2006, I'm sure and they year is just barley half over. Lets see, After a good nights sleep we headed out to find this cache. This one was a must do, because after telling some friends of mine that we were coming to Deadwood for vacation they asked if I had been watching the Deadwood series on HBO. Well I hadn't, so it was off to the video store and I rented the first season, sat down for the weekend and learned a lot about Deadwood and perhaps a few new words also!! At any rate, this cache was now a must do for me.

Well wouldn't you know it, after a 650+ mile drive from Kansas the gate was closed, no problem! This flat Lander form Kansas is up for a little hiking, so we left momma at the car and the two boys and I headed out, with camera bag in tow because I sure wouldn't want to miss a photo op like this. We finally made it to the cache; meeting another Casher on her way down, she assured us we were just about there, I hope that assurance wasn't because we looked like we were about to give up, because I can tell you we were not, we were on a mission. At any rate, we made it to the sign, read it and headed for the cache, I should have read the cache description a little better because I missed the part where we were to take the trail from the sign. After a little detour we finally reached the top, and WOW what a view, I'm sure glad I hadn't forgot the camera bag! We snagged the cache, signed the log and returned it to its nesting spot. Time for pictures, kids posing on a very beautiful perch, I reached for the camera in the bag, Uh Oh! I had taken it out and left it in the car, must have forgotten to put it back in the bag. *&%$#@)&(*#*! I am sure by now the ranger in his tower knows we are hear, I hope he didn't think one of us fell off the mountain, I guess I can safely rent the first season of Deadwood again, because I know now that the boys will not learn any new words after our adventure. And the unfortunate thing is our story isn't done yet either. On our way down we decided to take a few short cuts, at our last short cut one of the boys trips and stumbles but doesn't fall down, that's the good deal, however at the bottom back on the road he says Oh Oh! I says Oh Oh what? He says he can't find his glasses, he had them hanging on his shirt not on his head, so its back up the hill (the short cut way), which is quite steep, but after about a half and hour searching we gave up! We came, we conquered the Seth Bullock challenge and we left with our heads held high. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I did have my cell phone with me and was able to take a couple of pictures at the summit, so don't blame Geocaching.com for the resize job, that's just the way they are.


All in all we had a great time and this is one cache we will remember for a long time! Thanks!

Oneyedjack and kids







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While on vacation we visited the beautiful Estes Park CO, spent a few days with relatives and had a general GREAT TIME. We grabbed a few caches while in town, and saved a bunch so we had a reason to come back. As if we needed that! Here's the account of one such adventure.


Welcome to Estes Park

Found with a little help from the hint, great Geocaching adventure! Introduced some relatives to the sport, I think they enjoyed the hunt. We have pics with smiles on their faces to prove they had a good time.





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A few months ago we went on a great vacation out west through Yellowstone, down through New Mexico, Colorado, etc. One of our favorite caches we had done I even videotaped! It is the GCTK5A Yellowstone Trail Cache. It isn't a very used cache, and it took us 2 days to find it. It would've been one, but the first day's light was getting way to dim and we needed light to get out of where we were. But, if we had found it, I wouldn't have recorded our attempt on the second try.


I have uploaded a video to Google Video or the second attempt, but while the video doesn't mention it being our second attempt, it actually was. Please watch the video here. If you ever decide to do this cache, it does contain spoilers!.


Team Gamsci

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Come on now...............don't be shy! You all have fantastic stories to share and this is a great place to make it happen. You can also create interest in your favorite cache spots by giving us a glimpse of what might be in store.


I'll post another of our adventures,


These two caches you'll have to work for Sandstone Bluffs and Red Rock Canyon but it is worth the time spent.


These are two of the coolest caches in the area. There are several others nearby that are as adventurous but these two in particular should be on the Kansas Must Do List. Make sure if you attempt these, that you are well prepared with plenty of water, hat, sunscreen, boots, long pants and rain gear if the weather looks threatening. It is a good hike no matter which route you take but you will see some fantastic Kansas scenery on they way. Give yourself plenty of time, at least a couple of hours, it doesn’t take that much time to walk in and out but you will want to take extra time to just look around.




The rain gear wouldn’t have worked here but luckily he made it. By the way this is just one of the at least two beaver dams we crossed.




Lots to see out here, believe it or not!

Edited by Oneyedjack

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