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I am using Beeline on my Cingular 8125 WM5 cell phone with the Holux GPSSlim 236 Bluetooth receiver. I love the application, but from time-to-time the waypoints seem to get corrupted or will not display on the Map screen. To correct I have to reinstall the application or reload the waypoints. This seems to happen when I exit out of the application by clicking on the X in the upper right of the window, rather than selecting "Exit Application" from the Tools menu, or when using it w/o the bluetooth GPS turned on. It happens randomly and more frequent than I would like. Has this happened to anyone else using a Cingular 8125?


Also, when I zoom in on the map screen the pointer bounces all over the place when walking slowly. I am wondering if I have the most optimum setting for Geocaching. Some of my current settings are:


Course Up - Selected

View Navigation Window – Checked


Qualify Waypoint Averaging - Checked

HDOP Threshold - 3.0

Waypoint Averaging – Turned off


Enable Position/Track Filter - Checked

Distance Threshold - 2m

Use course from GPS - Unchecked


Are these the best setting to be using?


I love the application and know some of the issues are probably user error or due to improper setup, so any insights, techniques, recommendations to get the best use out of the application are welcome.

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As for the database corruption, this is unusual. My guess is that you may have a third party application that will force a program to close when the (x) is pressed. When the third party program forces the software to exit, it does not give BeeLineGPS enough time to exit and it will kill the program thread while in the middle of a database write. It looks that you may be using a beta version. Download the most resent version of the beta, it may fix this problem.


When you are zoomed in very close you will start to see the accuracy of the GPS. For example, if you stop walking the position may appear to keep bouncing around a few feet. This error can very depending on the view of the sky. The GPSlim236 seems to perform well in a clear view of the sky. However, if you are under vegetation or indoors, you will notice the GPS position bouncing severely.


You may want to check “Use course from GPS”. This will force BeeLineGPS to use the course from the GPS receiver rather than it calculating the course based on the distance threshold. This distance threshold also affects the track plot where you must move at least the threshold distance before a new track point is added to the plot.

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You are correct. I am using an application called Spb Poctet Plus. One of the features of the application is that it closes applications upon clicking on the (x) rather than letting it linger in the background taking up memory.


I’ll give the “Use course from GPS” setting a try.



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