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Mapsource Topo 24 Routes Not Transferring Right

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Did you try navigating the routes? If the routable trails are anything like on-road routing, the route won't be calculated along the trails until you do a navigation on them.




When I call up the route and attempt to navigate I get the error message: Route Calculation Error: No roads near starting point.


It appears that I don't have the information required to make the Topo Maps routable. I will look into how I downloaded the maps from MapSource. Thanks for the reply.

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You might also need to check that your routing options on the unit are set correctly - if you're set to generate routes for a car, and the trails are somehow flagged as pedestrian only, it also might not work. Making sure you downloaded the routing info is the most likely problem, though.



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I did reload the maps making sure I had included the routing information. When I open a route on the GPS and select Map I see a straight line between the two end points of the route. When I select Navigate/Follow Road it recalculates the route along the trails as I had constructed the route in MapSource and I see it on the map. Everything appears to be working as advertised. Off to Yellowstone for some hiking and geocaching with the family! Thanks for your help!

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