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Suggestions To Make Waymark Creation Easier

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I submitted some waymarks this evening. It took a long time to do 5 of them - the category requires 2 pictures. In submitting these, I found myself running in too many website circles, so I want to suggest a way to streamline it to TPTB.


First - the experience.


1. Click on Record Waymark and fill in all the boxes including 3 boxes for a photo (the picture's full pathname, caption, and description).


2. Click Save Without Submitting. Why? Because I need to upload at least one more picture (either to meet the category's requirements or just because I want to upload more than one picture).


3. The next screen has just one option - click the View Waymark link.


4. I view the waymark and click on Upload Image over on the right side of the window. [Lack of feature - if you discover that the picture's caption or description has a spelling error or omission, there's no way to edit it - instead you have to delete the whole works - the picture, its caption, and its description and re-enter them all.]


5. Fill in the full pathname of the picture, Caption, and Description fields and optionally click on the Has a Waypoint box and fill in the coordinates. [bug - if you click on this box, the full pathname of your picture will be removed and you'll have to put it in again.] Then click Upload.


6. The latest image is presented. At this point, I want to be done with the waymark and submit it now. No can do! Instead, I have a choice - go back to the category, go to the waymark, edit the waymark, or upload another image. There's no way to submit the waymark for approval here. The only way is to go to the waymark editing screen, so I click on the Edit Waymark link over on the right side of the page.


7. I go to the bottom of the edit page and then I can click on Submit Waymark for Approval. [slight oddity - the box called Yes, I have read and I agree to comply with the terms of use agreement gets a checkmark even if you didn't click it.]


[bug - after you click the Submit button, you are taken to an edit page again, but there's no link to click on to submit another waymark in the same category! Instead you have to either click on Waymark Details or View Waymark. Then at the top of the page, you can click on a link to the category.]


Second - the suggestion.


Put the entire process in just one page. The main fill-in page would be just the same as now, but at the bottom of all the boxes to fill in, and after the 2 boxes to choose Save Without Submitting and Submit Waymark for Approval, add more sets of full pathname, caption, description, and optional coordinates boxes for more pictures, perhaps separated by horizontal lines. It doesn't matter much how long a webpage is - it could have places to load 10 pictures or something - "that should be enough for anybody" (keep the Upload another picture choice just in case). In the place where the Save or Submit boxes are should be a View the New Waymark link that would save-without-submitting and bring up a separate window to show what you've accomplished so far. At the bottom of this window say: "Close this window to continue with your submission", and you'd be back at your all-in-one editing page! If something's wrong with any picture caption or any other part of the waymark's checkboxes or text fields, you could edit them. When you're done, the Submit box is there on the same page waiting. :rolleyes:

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