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New Feature Request- Custom Cache Type Icon


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That's interesting, now both the JavaScripts are gone, but they weren't deleted at the same time. I didn't edit the page, so it wasn't run through HTMLTidy. Apparently a reviewer (or two) removed them (at two different times) without notifying me. I have noticed other listings that still have the JavaScript intact, though.


Can we get an official notice on whether or not replacing the cache icons like this on our pages is allowed? I know it says "with the exception of JavaScript," but I would have thought HTMLTidy would edit JavaScript out if that were true.


I can see the potential for abuse, but my images don't remove the cache type icon and the type is still clearly distinguishable. Maybe an overlay could be added to a custom icon?

powercachingih4.gifPower Caching

eastereggderbynh5.gifEaster Egg Derby

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