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Use Palm Treo 700w Or Separate Gps Unit

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Hi - This is my first posting and I am new to Geocaching. I have done my research on GPS units. I recently purchased a Palm Treo 700w for work and would like to hear your opinions and/or experiences with using the Treo 700w for geocaching activities or would you recommend purchasing a standalone GPS unit.


Obvioulsy I don't want to purchase another devise if the Treo 700w would fit the bill.


Thanks in advance for you reply - Stephen

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I have a VX6700 which is the same generation as the tro700 (WM5+bluetooth)


I use the cache pages for the info on the cache, but I use an old eTrex Legend to get me there. With the places I have cached - I prefer to leave the delicate electronics put away.

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