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I recently took a trip to DisneyWorld (amazing! ^_^) and I wanted to log my finds of some virtuals. One of them was titled EPCOT. I searched by keyword for it and found it and logged it. Then I clicked all nearby caches of this type to show all the virtuals nearby (for Magic Kingdom, MGM, and Animal Kingdom) and I found all three. Then I accidentally closed my browser window, and had to re-open it.


Sorry, so many words for something so little. To cut right to the point;


I searched for the MGM cache and it did not pop up on the list. When I did the EPCOT one it did show up there, but it won't show up through a search no matter what I try.



P.S. It does work if I search for exactly MGM Studio (which is the exact name of the cache) but not if I type just MGM. Isn't that supposed to be the purpose of a search though, to be able to find something for which you don't know the name?


EDIT- Added picture and the P.S.

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It's been brought up many times about not being able to search the Forums for words shorter than 4 characters. An old solution used to be to pad short words with % signs. The Forum search feature has been modified and there are different solutions available now.


But back to your problem. After reading it I thought: I wonder what would happen ...


Go back to the Cache search feature and enter %MGM

There's your cache.

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