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Ooo... that would be handy. Since we set our home coords in our profile, it is a bit of a pain to have to then manually copy those exact same coords into each PQ (since a majority of PQ's are usually centered around your home area unless you're planning a trip). Being able to choose as a "coordinate" option either specifying them or radio button clicking "my home coordinates" as the center point would be nice (plus if you move, your center point for all queries moves with a simple profile update).

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There's a work around - fill out a cache page and uncheck the "This cache is active" so the reviewers don't see it. You can also archive the cache, and leave it inactive. Set the coordinates to your home.


Use the GC number of that cache to center your PQ. When you change your home coordinates, you can change the coordinates of the cache too. That will change the PQ.

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Also since the date when this thread started, if I'm remembering the timeline right, the site added the ability to "copy" an existing pocket query. I set up one pocket query that already includes the basic settings I'm most likely to use on any new pocket queries: exclude disabled caches, exclude puzzle caches, exclude caches I own, etc.


Likewise, your "master" pocket query could have your home coordinates pre-filled. Then, when you want to create a new query, just start with a copy of your master query.

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