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Links From Gmail In Pocket Internet Explorer


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I have recently started to use Gmail for my geocaching account on my Windows Mobile 2005 phone with pocket Internet Explorer. This has some nice features in that when you click on a link in an e-mail message, Google seems to act as a sort of proxy server and renders it without all the images so as to reduce the data transfer volume. So I can get to all the links on geocaching.com (as distinct from using the wap.geocaching.com portal) and can log in, however when I go to, for example, try to log a find via this route it thinks I am not logged in. I suspect that this is because of the way that Google sits inbetween the site you are surfing on and the browser and so the cookies that retain the login info are not accessible from the new page.


I have a suspicion that this is not solvable by geocaching.com but thought I would mention it just in case a) TPTB weren't aware of this phenomenon and :ph34r: there actually was a feasible solution.

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